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See imagesIn 1997, Portecnic SA, started, developed and then patented the manufacturing and marketing process for free-standing hollow structures for its hydraulic and electric lift facilities.


The company can count on extensive experience in calculating, designing and manufacturing metal structures. It specialises in renovating, modernising and building new facilities in places where that is required, offering answers and quality solutions tailored and suited to customers' demands.


The main advantage of the process performed consists of having a robust, tough structure that is easy to set up, which cuts assembly time and reduces or, in some cases, does away with time consuming tasks such as cutting and welding.

It is also highly versatile as it can be fitted in stairwells, on façades, in light shafts and courtyards, or on 35 mm thick walls, etc. It perfectly adapts to irregular structures, such as stairwells with semicircular walls or spaces with a polygonal cross-section. In all of these cases the assembly system Portecnic SA offers, reduces the loss of space, which is so necessary for these kinds of facilities.


The metal lift structure consists of a framework of sections and supports made of shaped sheet metal, which allows hydraulic and electric lifts and platforms for disabled people to be fitted inside. This is an assembled modular unit in which screwed joints are used.

The enclosure can be made of plain sheet metal, perforated sheet metal, glass or a combination of sheet metal and glass. We can even fit insulation and soundproofing according to the customer's needs.


The metal structure is supplied with hooks at the top and it has a load-bearing capacity of up to 1500 kg.